About Us

Hi, I’m Annie from the blog site anniesteam.com   If you have been to our site, you know our Team is dedicated to helping families like yours through sharing our personal experiences and what has worked for our family.

Trying to save money in any economy can be a struggle, but especially today, it is nothing short of overwhelming!  Although I have a Degree in Finance, we have struggled through the budgeting process. We needed to find ways to cut our expenses and sometimes that task seemed hopeless. But now, we are on the right track and want to share the information and strategies that have helped us.

So, we have compiled a list of strategies that not only we have used, but also the strategies we have learned from the “experts.”  Our hope is that we can help others by providing useful information via this web site. If you follow these simple steps, you will realize at least several hundred, if not thousands of dollars of savings each year! AND THE GOOD NEWS IS…. BY FOLLOWING THESE TIPS and STRATEGIES YOU CAN BEGIN SAVING MONEY TODAY!!

WE HAVE DONE THE RESEARCH FOR YOU!  In our own quest, we wanted to find REAL ways to save money and we were looking for WAYS TO SAVE IMMEDIATELY!  We often were frustrated when we would find a website touting savings strategies, only to realize it was either a waste of time or it didn’t truly give you clear steps to take to save using that strategy.  It is our goal in creating this website that you will be able to use the information we have provided to find REAL WAYS TO SAVE MONEY & WAYS TO BEGIN SAVING NOW!

If you click on this link –  20 Ways to Save Money, you will find EXACTLY THAT….20 tips and strategies you can use NOW that will help you to begin saving money immediately! And allow you to better attain your budget goals!!

My husband, Rich, will be your guide and the voice of many of the “How To” videos related to these money savings tips.  And, as we learn new ways to save, we will continue to update this site so you can also realize additional savings.